Photographer of South Island Rural landscapes and people

Bill Irwin

'Home' 2011

Exhibited February 2011 Methven Heritage Centre. A personal view of where I live.

Methven Heritage Centre

The energy and vision of a group of dedicated people is coming together as an extreme makeover of the Memorial Hall. It is exciting to see the building take shape and think about the possibilities it will offer. The fact that a small town could make this happen is a sign of the positive community spirit.

The Blue Pub

The Blue Pub, probably our most photographed building, takes on a lot of different looks through the year. The after-race family social look is one of the best.

Historical Society

The building is worthy of its name. Each time I go past it looks a little different but my favourite photograph was made in soft early morning light.

Spring blossom, town square

For a short while every year trees in the middle of town come alive, one of the joys of living where there are definite seasons

Methven Motors

Maybe not what most people see as they drive past, an unfamiliar view of a familiar building.


Steel-Worx was a building with a lot of character, especially when lit up at night. I

Sunrise and rainbow

This red sky in the morning must have made for some nervous shepherds but I enjoyed the drama. The rainbow was a bonus.

Clearing storm over CBD

stormy sunrise in Methven town, Mid Canterbury. Living close to the foothills means we get some interesting weather happening. Stormy nor west rain hides the hills but gives great light.

Brown Pub 1

Framed within the window, bottles glowing in the chiller seem to say

Brown Pub 2

Even on a dismal day the Brown exudes charm.

All Saints Anglican Church

We know all our residents are as pure as the driven snow


Small communities are a sum of the people who volunteer their energy to make things happen. Viv is one of these people.

Wayne at the Blue

There is plenty of home grown musical talent, we should never miss a chance to hear it


We live in amazing space for families


There is a great gym and fitness culture for those who want it, we are lucky to have people like Jacquie to motivate us.


Farmer and Mayor of Ashburton. We are fortunate to have people with the energy to represent our district.

Shearing, Glenfalloch

I have always enjoyed the culture of woolsheds and shearing. The industry has shrunk over the last few years but hopefully will never disappear.

Mrs Peach.

I photographed 20 long-time residents (including Madge), their portraits are to accompany an oral history project. It really was a privilege to get a brief insight into the lives of some of our enduring people.

Mt Hutt College Netball team

One of the strengths of our school has been the sporting culture. Valuing fitness and team work is something everyone needs to learn at a young age.

Kem, breakfast at Inverary

Methven is on the flat plains but just a short drive from isolated back country huts. No excuses for feeling hemmed in.

Wayne at the Blue

The town is full of people like Wayne who just jump in when a job needs to be done - even when the snow forgets it is supposed to stay on the hill.


Life imitates art. I swear the bull was trying to copy the painted pose.

Cupcakes, A&P Show

The Produce Hall at the A&P Show is a sensory overload of colour, patterns and textures. The decisions of the judge will be debated all day.

Dave & Cam biking, Marrs Rd.

The open space and quiet roads offer excellent riding. I pity the people in bigger cities who have to battle all manner of congestion & hazards that must induce rather than reduce stress

Pink morning, Mt Hutt.

Morning views of Mt Hutt are never the same

Evening light, Glenfalloch

The view of the upper Rakaia river is always amazing but when setting sun cut through a valley it became magical

Double rainbow, Pudding Hill road

No words, just enjoy.

Sunrise, upper Rakaia

Sunrises are a bit of a photographic clich

Mt Hutt under moonlight

I don

Norwest, Lake Heron

Some people complain about the nor west wind zapping their energy. I find the opposite. Especially in beautifully isolated space.

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