Photographer of South Island Rural landscapes and people

Bill Irwin

2016 begins

January 2016, time for a literal refocus. I begin each year with the aim of working on some of my personal projects (including Wool Story, 'Ordinary' People, and South Island from the road) but often get sidetracked with daily work. Maybe this year will be different.

The first job this year wasn't a commercial job, but was satisfying for a few reasons. I'm involved with the local Methven Lions club and naturally get called on when photography is needed.  Methven Lions organise Mountain Thunder, a big motorcycle street race, each year.  It generates a lot of business for the town over Easter weekend as well as significant funds Lions can use for local charitable projects.  I enjoy donating my time to help in a small way.  

The Dubliner has come on board as a main sponsor for Mountain Thunder. Colm McGrath, who organises the publicity, asked if I could pop over and 'take a quick photo' of a bike in a bar. Since it was a quick, volunteer job I turned up perhaps a little unprepared , but a big part of working as a photographer is problem solving and making whatever you have work.

There was beautiful natural light coming through a side window, with the right positioning and a little fill flash we ended up with an image everyone - including me - was happy with.

Dubliner - Mountain Thunder launchKaren and Gary Manning, owners of the Dubliner, Methven with staff and one of the bikes to be ridden in the Mountain Thunder street race,which is being sponsored by the Dubliner