Photographer of South Island Rural landscapes and people

Bill Irwin

New Site

Websites need refreshing occasionally to keep them current. Every now and then it's easier to burn them to the ground and start anew. I've just been through this process, as you will know if you are a repeat visitor.

I liked my previous site, it was tweaked to show images nicely, very important for a photographer. But (nerd alert here: technical stuff coming up) the image display was based on Flash, which relied on the right plugin being installed on the viewer's computer. 95% of people do, but there was always a niggle about those missing out.  And lately, Flash is becoming old technology. 

I've spent a lot of time looking for a solution to what I need:  good visual display, easy to update, easy to interact with, and most important it must display well on anything from a smartphone to a 30" monitor.

The answer I think is Koken  a new open source platform being developed by the smart people who created SlidesShowPro, my previous Flash based solution.  Koken is pure HTML5, responsive to whatever screen size is used. It's still pre-release, only only version 0.8.2 right now, but I'm happy enough with the stability and speed at which the wrinkles are being ironed out to make the change today. Its content management system is superb.

Functionality will increase in the following months, and I'll work away at getting more of my relevant images up.  I'm also hoping to post more about what I do, mainly an exercise for my own development but all the better if anyone else finds it interesting.